The Algarve is a safe tourist destination

Algarve remains a safe tourist destination. This is the main conclusion of the 1st Days of Tourism and Security that were held in Albufeira with the presence of about 200 participants, including businessmen, hotel and tourist managers and security forces and organized by AHETA.

In the aftermath of the meeting, the participants “unanimously reaffirmed the Algarve as a Safe Tourist Destination”, although, nevertheless, the increase in the number of residents and tourists is not being accompanied by the reinforcement of the effects of the various security forces.

It also came to the conclusion that it is necessary to provide the region with “an effective staff to create stable and lasting conditions of security throughout the year” and to bet “on a strategy of investigation and prevention, articulated with the different police forces and services of safety”.

On the other hand, the participants concluded that it is necessary “to avoid the implementation of intimidating security measures that could act as deterrents of the degree of satisfaction of the tourists who visit us. “Security (…) should be understood as a fundamental asset for the improvement of confidence levels in the Algarve and, therefore, a determining factor for the success of its tourism development”, can be read further in the final document ratified by the participants.

This was the first meeting of its kind in the region, but it should continue in the coming years. It was concluded “unanimously, that these meetings should be held annually as a privileged forum for discussion, with a view to consolidating this enormous competitive value that makes the Algarve not only a safe tourist destination, but also an appealing and safe place to live”.

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