Algarve creates ‘Cultural Itinerary’ for cell phones

Monuments, museums or archaeological sieges are some of the places that Algarve is going to be able to find in the ‘Cultural Itinerary’ created by the Region of Tourism to show the region for there of the beaches and of the sun that the tourists already bewitch.

The new application, which can be unloaded for devices Android and Apple, allows to the used knowledge more on the History of the Algarve and to investigate for districts, Route Omíada, for location or according to the interest of the user.

The application, which was launched in the Stock Exchange of Tourism of Lisbon, is available in Portuguese, Englishman and Spaniard. “We want to bet on the information. The applications do not say everything, but we want to do an appeal for the persons enrage to the places”, it underlined Desidério Silva, in the presentation of the application.

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